Dynasound DS3008

Networked Sound Masking, Paging, and Music Processor (BIA-DYPDS3008)

5 2500 BCSM BIA-DYPDS3008

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The DS3008 is designed to provide sound masking, paging and music functions for centralized and networked sound masking systems. Each DS3008 provides four independent sound masking generators, each having 1/3 octave band equalization, adjustable high pass and low pass filters. Additionally, eight balanced line level inputs, eight balanced line level outputs and a matrix mixer facilitate configuring any mix of incoming signals with any of the sound masking generators and then routed to any of the outputs. Input processing includes per channel level control, equalization and configurable “soft-knee” compression. Output processing includes per channel level control for both analog and network audio. This feature provides unique functionality for use in traditional 70v. centralized systems, networked addressable systems, or systems combining both approaches.

  • Four sound masking generators with 1/3 octave band EQ, high, and low pass filters
  • Eight balanced inputs with level controls, equalizers, and compressors
  • Eight balanced outputs with level control
  • CobraNet ™ digital audio network ready on all inputs and outputs
  • Matrix mixer allows any combination of inputs and sound masking to be routed to any of the balanced outputs, or to the network audio
  • ETL listed UL6006
5 Years Std Parts & Labour