Get more out of your small meeting rooms.

With the growing popularity of open plan office spaces, every business needs a private space to conduct smaller meetings and conference calls without disturbing their colleagues.

Traditional conference rooms are too large and formal for everyday collaboration needs. Huddle spaces are a natural complement to this growing need.

Enable teams and replicate the same successful teamwork as a face to face meeting. Whether users bring their own devices and services, or benefit from dedicated conferencing equipment and cloud-based services, huddle rooms now need to deliver the same high-quality communications experience as high-end meeting rooms. The expectations are high.

Touchless meeting technology.

Plug and play solutions. Dante or AVB. Take your pick.

Welcome to AV Conferencing - the way it should be. 

Biamp Devio: Plug and Play Conferencing for the Modern Workplace. Devio is a collaboration tool for modern workplaces that brings Biamp’s full conference room audio and video to smaller spaces. Devio can be used with any display, client application, or USB camera. As a single-box solution, Devio comes packed with conferencing technology, doing all the work so you don’t have to.
Discover the Shure Conferencing Ecosystem With a product portfolio that includes the complete audio signal chain from microphone to DSP to loudspeaker, Shure provides networked audio solutions for environments of all types, from small meeting rooms to large conference spaces, with unmatched ease of deployment, less complexity, and remote management.

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