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L-Acoustics K3. Full-range. Compact. No compromises

Join us for a look at the brand new L-Acoustics K3. Come and find out about where it fits in the L-Acoustics loudspeaker line up and its features which make it a unique product in this category. We'll also fire up Soundvision and take a look at some real examples with the K3.

Shure MXCW

Wireless Wednesday Part Five - Shure MXCW

Part Five of our Wireless Wednesday Series: Join Jeff MacKenzie and Anthony Murdoch as they run you through Shure's MCXW conference microphone system

Wireless Wednesday

Wireless Wednesday Part Two - Shure QLXD and ULXD

Part Two of our Wireless Wednesday Series: Whether it’s a university lecture theatre, corporate meeting space, or microphones for your production rental inventory, live events need to deliver flawless audio and require products that will deliver proven results time after time.

Shure and Logitech

Deliver An Exceptional Video Conferencing Experience With Shure And Logitech

Shure Network Systems paired with Logitech Video Collaboration solutions deliver an unparalleled communication experience to all meeting room types. Enjoy simple, scalable, and consistent premium audio to create unforgettable collaborative experiences across your teams.

ETC's ColorSource Spot Jnr

ETC's ColorSource Spot Jnr - Small size. Small price tag. Big performance.

The NEW ETC ColorSource Spot jr gives you more of what you love at a fraction of the cost AND a fraction of the size. This fixture uses the same colour technology as other ETC fixtures including droop compensation, extensive third-party lifetime testing, and comprehensive factory colour calibration. With 5,700 lumens of brightness coming out of this light-weight fixture, ColorSource Spot jr fits any need. Join us for this Webinar, and let’s take a closer look.

Ampetronic Hearing Loop Designer

Ampetronic Hearing Loop Designer Training

Designing a loop system can be very simple, but it is also easy to make a mistake and end up with a system that does not meet Standards. In this session the Jands training team will give you advice and guidance on the loop design process to ensure your system works first time.

Shure SLX-D

Shure SLX-D: Wireless Excellence, Wherever Required.

Whether it’s a high-school theater production, corporate meeting, or a Sunday service, live events need to deliver flawless audio and require products that are straightforward to setup and use. Wireless microphones face additional challenges in today’s increasingly crowded RF environment. To help address these needs, the SLX-D Digital Wireless System is the newest addition to the Shure digital wireless portfolio. The new offering is the digital replacement of Shure's popular SLX system, complete with new mechanical designs, exceptional audio quality, more reliable RF performance, streamlined setup, and more.


Make the most of your conferencing space with Shure's Microflex?Advance and Designer 4.2

Utilising the range of Shure Microflex Advance Microphones can be a little daunting at first look… We’re here to show you otherwise, and how Shure have made the process quick and easy. Utilising the recently updated Designer 4.2 Software, we’re going to run you through a basic setup with each of the Shure Microphones and IntelliMix Processors, ensuring the users in the room can be heard clearly.

Ampetronic Talk Perfect

Communication Without Barriers: Ampetronic TalkPerfect

In this new world amidst the COVID pandemic, all workplaces and public spaces have a duty of care mitigate risks with many workplaces installing perspex/glass screens.

While this helps with one problem, it causes another... impedance of communication. 

Shure Axient Digital

Shure Axient Digital: Wireless Mics that won't let you down.

Join Anthony Murdoch and Jeff Mackenzie as we look into the benefits and operation of Shure's Axient Digital family. 

KRK Studio Basics

KRK: Studio Basics 101

Join head Sound Engineer of Marshall Street Studios | Stu Watts for an overview on all studio basics.

Touchless AV Control for Meeting Rooms

AV Control Solutions in a 'Touchless' world.

Join Paul Roberts from Aveo Systems and Jeff MacKenzie from Jands for an Australian Exclusive preview of Mira Connect Me a patent-pending technology developed by Aveo Systems which enables users to quickly and securely control their AV systems from their personal smartphones, tables or computers.

L-Acoustics L-ISA

Introduction to L-Acoustics L-ISA technology

We're taking a detailed look into the specification, design, installation, calibration and operation of the first L-ISA installation in Australia at the Sydney Coliseum.

With special guest panelists:

Bicci Henderson - Freelance Production Manager
Nick Cook - Sydney Coliseum, Head of Technical
David Manna - Sydney Coliseum, Head of Audio
Peter Kubow - Design Engineer, Fredon Technology
Danny Olesh - Sound Engineer and Production Manager. 

Shure IntelliMix Part 4

Shure IntelliMix (Part 4): Discussion or Pub Brawl?

One person talking is a monologue. Two people talking is a discussion. Four or more people talking at once is a pub brawl! Effectively controlling the number of talkers can have a significant impact on the intelligibility of a conference system. In this webinar we examine automatic microphone mixers. What are they? How do they work and why do we need one (or more)?

Sound Masking 101

Managing noise in your workplace: Sound Masking 101

Creating a modern, functional work environment can be difficult. Ensuring there is enough space for all staff to operate in, but still give a level of privacy makes it harder to design for. Adding a curated sound to environment can help solve the privacy problem. While being counter-intuitive, the additional sound can in fact create a quieter space. Join us for an overview on the concept of Sound Masking, and what it can accomplish for modern office spaces.

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