K-12 Multipurpose School Halls

Has your educational multipurpose hall adapted to meet the demands of modern day technologies?

Why Investing in Australian performing arts indirectly impacts students overall academic results.

Arts in the lives of young people is key to developing fundamental skills crucial for the 21st century including social intelligence, problem solving and critical thinking as well as leadership and entrepreneurship.

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The COVID rethink

Without a doubt COVID-19 will change the way we operate in terms of how people use these spaces to attend sporting events, theatre productions, briefings, classes and other in-person briefings.

Schools will be challenged to find new solutions and redesign how people congregate in their fixed venues or event incorporate flexibility to adjust outdoors – weather permitting.

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Hearing Solutions

Audio is by far one of the most important applications when addressing groups of students during assemblies, presentations or event productions that may occur in your school hall.

We offer a number of speaker solutions weather you have a small, medium, large or even portable pop up space to ensure everyone can listen.

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Speaking Solutions

When it comes to communicating to students or an audience in your hall it is crucial to think about the type of microphone and system you are relying on.

We can offer a number of wired and or wireless solutions to ensure the message is loud clear when speaking to communicating your message.

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Lighting Solutions

Lighting and the ability to see is essential when conducting anything in your hall space.

We offer a number of lighting and visual solutions to ensure everyone can see what is happening.

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We Are Here To Help You With Your Perfect Performing Arts Solution

With a national retail network and an in house system engineering team, we can help you design an AV system to fit your performance requirements.

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