Council and Local Government Discussion Systems

From small councils with less than 20 members to big city governments and courtrooms, communication and discussion systems that facilitate formal, structured discussion are crucial.

Jands Integrated Systems for local government and council discussion are seamlessly manage every aspect of a meeting, providing complete control over the audio. With a variety of comprehensive system solutions, from the best vendors, enable productive meetings and allow government to to govern.

No more huddling around a single laptop trying to be heard.

Plug and play solutions. Dante or AVB. Take your pick.

Welcome to AV Conferencing - the way it should be. 

Shure Microflex Complete System Overview The Microflex Complete digital conference system is ideal for any group that holds formal meetings -- from small city councils to corporate boardrooms to multi-lingual international conferences with thousands of participants. It gives you complete control over audio, the agenda, voting, support documents, information display, and interpretation, making even large conferences efficient and productive.
Biamp Tesira: Why choose Tesira for your Council? Biamp's Audio Product Manager, Zach Snook, discusses why customers should choose Tesira - the world's first truly integrated audio and video platform.
Shure Microflex Complete Wireless System Overview A conference can be transformative. Key policy changes. Meetings of inspiring minds. Major corporate announcements. The hardware and software that brings these voices together needs to be flexible. Microflex® Complete Wireless keeps up with the constantly-changing demands of conferences without invasive installs and cable limitations.

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