Dynasound DS1375

Sound Masking, Paging and Music Speaker -70.7v and 8 ohm (BIA-DYPDS1375)

5 2500 BCSM BIA-DYPDS1375

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The DS1375 contains a five inch diameter speaker. The compact enclosure includes a flame-retardant, acoustical insert to eliminate standing waves and metallic resonance. Dynasound’s DS1375 sound masking speaker is designed for quick and easy installation into suspended acoustical tile or drywall ceilings. The loudspeaker assembly offers a clean appearance with no exposed controls from below. The DS1375 provides uniform dispersion and is well suited for paging and music signals and sound masking signals where the use of upward firing speakers is not possible.

  • Clean, mini-perforated grill for use in suspended lay in ceiling tiles or drywall ceilings
  • Internal 70.7 volt transformer with selectable volume control and direct 8 ohm setting
  • Convenient toggle bolt type suspension with hook for additional support
  • CE labeled
5 Years Std Parts & Labour