You deserve a better meeting room experience

Small meeting rooms can still have big AV needs. They are where innovation is born and momentum is harnessed. The future of your company depends on it.

Focus on the meeting and not the technology. Start the meeting on time. Present your ideas. Enable teams and replicate the same successful teamwork as a face to face meeting. Whether users bring their own devices and services, or benefit from dedicated conferencing equipment and cloud-based services, our solutions deliver the same high-quality communications experience as high-end meeting rooms. The stakes are high.

Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts, Zoom Meetings? We've got the technology partnerships.

Technology agnostic solutions. Dante or AVB. Take your pick.

Secure solutions. Professional grade speech privacy and network encryption to prevent eavesdropping.

Drive efficiency. Eliminate the need to physically check the conference room equipment before meetings. SystemOn eliminates the need to physically check equipment room by room before meetings. You can instantly view the status of the Shure hardware in every room in your facility from a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. With SystemOn, you can confirm that microphones are in their chargers and view their charge level – without visiting the room.
Be heard. Biamp Tesira® Beamtracking™ Microphones follow you when you move. Don't let your technology dictate how you run your meetings. Biamp Tesira® Beamtracking™ microphones in action, which actively track and intelligently mix conversations from around the table. This allows people to move around the room as they see fit - not as the microphones dictate.
Empower communications with discreet microphone solutions. Meeting rooms need to be optimized to enable team discussion planned or unplanned, technology shouldn’t get in the way. Our Microflex® Advance discreet microphones seamlessly fit into your meeting rooms. Steerable Coverage™ technology allows for precise audio capture, ensuring you can be heard. Let’s empower communication together.

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