Biamp Qt® X 805

Qt X Controller (8) 8 Ohm / Pre amp Outputs; Qt X 805 (BIA-QTPQTX805)


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The Cambridge Qt® X 805/805D control module is a sound masking generator, controller, third-octave band equalizer and amplifier, with two auxiliary audio inputs allowing for audio distribution from paging controllers and/or (background) music players. The Qt X 805/805D controls sound masking speakers/emitters in both direct-field and indirect (in-plenum) installations—or a mix of both. Each of the eight amplified output speakers/emitters can be independently adjusted for masking and aux audio levels and spectra. Both models feature full compatibility with Biamp’s SageVue™ system management software and can participate in larger Qt X systems. When multiple Qt X controllers are included in a single system, audio inputs can be shared across all controllers via AVB or Dante (805/D).

5 Years Std Parts & Labour