Remote Management of AV Spaces

Conquer complexity and scale. Manage large-scale audio visual hardware deployments easier.

Educational institutions require technology that gives operators and tecnology managers immediate and visual feedback about the status of a system in mission critical or large scale technology deployments. Track audio levels, battery live, RF spectrum in real time, enabling IT administrators and AV technicians to monitor and control devices remotely using a laptop, smartphone or tablet. 

Drive efficiency with more room uptime.

Solutions from Shure and Biamp

Streamline your AV Processes

Drive efficiency. Eliminate the need to physically check the conference room equipment before meetings. SystemOn eliminates the need to physically check equipment room by room before meetings. You can instantly view the status of the Shure hardware in every room in your facility from a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. With SystemOn, you can confirm that microphones are in their chargers and view their charge level – without visiting the room.
Biamp SageVue: Software Overview: Browser-based monitoring and management platform. Introducing SageVue™, the browser-based software platform that enables technology managers, integrators, and end users to manage and monitor all Tesira® and Devio® devices connected to a network. With SageVue empowers technology managers to view system status and perform several administrative tasks. SageVue intelligently interfaces with LDAP infrastructure, which allows IT managers to use existing data to control system access to the software. Equipped with a full-featured RESTful API, SageVue gives technology managers the ability to create custom dashboards, providing a single, comprehensive view of all Tesira and Devio devices connected to the network.

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