Sub-miniature omnidirectional laviers and headsets.

Superior sound and performance for theater, broadcast, film and corportate audio.

In dialogue or monologue. Song or speech. A single word can affect the whole story. Through sweat, noise, and wear and tear, your little lavalier has an enormous job to do. Shure TwinPlex stands up to the toughest conditions to make every word a clear statement of quality.

Unbeatable clarity that can take a beating. Natural audio at high or low frequency, the innovative dual-diaphragm captures the complete weight of your voice. And the capsule design maximizes effective surface area in an easy-to-conceal package. So sound suits performer, not the other way around. No more “sweat-outs.” The superhydrophobic coating keeps perspiration from upstaging the sound. And the medical-grade cable technology flexes to fit the costume design and the demanding schedule. So your lavalier rises to the challenge, night after night.
TwinPlex - Tested in the real world Comments and thoughts from trusted audio professionals who used Shure TwinPlex subminiature microphones across multiple real-world production situations.