Dynasound DS2400

Duct, Pipe, Conduit, Wall Masker for SCIF / Secure Rooms (BIA-DYPDS2400)

5 2500 BCSM BIA-DYPDS2400

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The Dynasound DS2400 pipe, duct, and wall sound masker is used to protect pipes, ducts, and walls against human and electronic eavesdropping by filling them with full bandwidth sound masking. The unit may be attached to the exterior of any pipe or duct, whether square or round. It may also be attached to the vertical surface of any partition wall. The DS2400 is critical to the securing of pipes and ducts when DIAM and DCID requirements for SCIF need to be met. The DS2400 Soundmasker may be used to ensure eavesdropping protection of pipes and ducts that breach the perimeter of a secure environment by resonating these penetrations, filling them with sound masking and/or misinformation. Additionally, it resonates the plane of any wall along the perimeter of a secure environment. When controlled by Dynasound’s DS102 Series security generators and amplifiers, it also protects against sophisticated signal recovery techniques.

  • Fills pipes, square ducts and round ducts, and walls with sound masking
  • Lightweight and easy to install• Does not cause pressure drop or alter air flow when applied to ductwork
  • Does not require separate transformer
  • Individual level adjustment
  • Durable plenum-rated metal housing.
5 Years Std Parts & Labour