Dynasound DS2500

Window, Door, Wall Masker for SCIF / Secure Room w. volume control (BIA-DYPDS2520)

5 2500 BCSM BIA-DYPDS2520

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The Dynasound DS2500 series sound maskers are used to protect windows, walls and doors against human and electronic eavesdropping by applying full bandwidth sound masking . The unit may be attached to the interior side of any window, door or in some cases wall surfaces. In all applications the integrity of the surface remains intact. The DS2500 series is critical to the securing of windows, doors and walls when DIAM and DCID requirements for SCIF need to be met. It is effective against laser eavesdropping techniques, as well as the use of parabolic microphones. When controlled by Dynasound’s DS102 Series security generators and amplifiers, it also protects against sophisticated signal recovery techniques designed to capture conversations buried within the sound masking signal.

    Protects windows, doors, and walls against human and electronic eavesdropping techniques
  • Designed for 70.7 volt systems
  • Does not require separate transformer
  • Available with or without rotary switch
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • UV rated adhesive mount
  • Accepts a mix of sound masking, music, and misinformation signals
5 Years Std Parts & Labour