Dynasound DS1092

Sound Masking, Paging and Music System for 70.7 Volt Speakers (BIA-DYPDS1092)

5 2500 BCSM BIA-DYPDS1092

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Dynasound’s DS1092 sound masking conditioner is a sound masking generater, mixer and power amplifier in an easy to use freestanding metal enclosure. The DS1092 is designed for use in sound masking applications that require centralized control, yet space and/or economy are a consideration. The unit features simple and clearly labeled controls for ease of use. It offers many of the most popular features usually found on larger centralized sound masking systems, taking the place of various rack type components. The DS1092 is effective in supplying dedicated sound masking for up to a 9000 sq.ft. zone.

  • Sound masking generator, mixer and amplifier - all in one compact housing
  • Switchable white/pink noise source
  • Mixer allows “layering” of signals for paging or security functions
  • Easy to use controls - no software required
  • Powerful 40 watt 70.7 volt output
5 Years Std Parts & Labour