Video Distribution Solutions For Hospitality

Installing a video distribution system is a straightforward solution to ensure you provide seamless, high-quality entertainment around the clock.

Provide quality entertainment throughout your venue

Bars, Pubs and Clubs are often regarded as the lifeblood of a community and today need to provide an immersive, stand-out experience to rival burgeoning competition, maintain existing clientele and attract new patrons. Broadcasting live events, sports, music videos, social media and promotions on multiple video displays is an effective way of creating a fun and engaging atmosphere for patrons and is key to keeping them lingering for longer, and ultimately, coming back again. Having grainy, poor-quality video that drops in and out can create a negative experience that will discourage customers.

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Introducing Blustream HDMI Distribution

The Blustream C44 Kit is a HDMI solution that allows you to control what footage is displayed on any screen, at any time, making it easy to send video anywhere you want it within the venue. You can add or remove displays, scale up or down for special events and tap into a variety of media sources, without needing additional gear and separate set-top boxes for every TV in the venue.

• Flexible coverage across multiple screens
• Scalable solution that works with venues of all sizes
• Can be integrated with the existing network infrastructure
• Easy to operate and maintain for facility owner/staff
• Compatible with all recognised manufacturers of TV displays and AV hardware
• Supports the latest 4K resolutions

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